Colorful Tomato Cages!

Spray painted these tomato cages to add a bit of whimsy in the garden with pink, lavendar, yellow, and lime green. Too cute!


Mary saw an ad in the paper for colored tomato cages that we were both pretty intrigued by.  We thought…”hmmm….now that would be cute, and best of all, we get to do our favorite mode-whimsical!”  But then we saw how much they wanted for them and started back pedaling. $8 a piece for Pete’s sake is a lot of money to replace perfectly good cages.  Mary needed about 40 so that would have been about $360 in cages of different colors. I just needed 5, but I really liked the ones I bought last year shaped like a rectangle. So we turned into our mothers, and bought spray paint! (Remember how your mom use to spray paint EVERYTHING back in the day?)  They turned out really cute!!!!!! And we added a lot of color to our garden that is without much color for some time.  I love them! 

God I love spray paint!


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