Beautiful and tastes good too!

Mary's chives in bloom

Is this not gorgeous? Mary’s bucket ‘o chives in full bloom. Love it! She has had it for several years, and it has reseeded itself over the years but how wonderful it is to see these tasty little morsels in full bloom.

Buy some herbs and plant them! You can justify the small cost because there is NOTHING better for your recipes than fresh herbs. Sublime! The other cost justification is that fresh herbs can be pricey.  It’s so much fun to run outside and pick them when you need them. One of the true joys of summer!   Even if you only have a small balcony, or just a small front porch, or a window for that matter, just use a large container like the one in the picture, and there you have it! Your very own garden of fresh herbs. 

Texas Tarragon and Nasturtium

I also bought my first Nasturtium for food. Yes, that’s flowers folks. Got them from Neff’s farms at Bradley Fair ( Tuesday 4 to 7 ) along with Texas Tarragon. I love the peppery acidic taste of the blooms and the leaves, which on this variety of Alaska,  reminds me of tomatoes! The leaves are a lovely varigated variety amd are so pretty.  The Texas Tarragon is suppose to be hardier than it’s French cousin because of it being indigenous to Texas.  I also think it’s a little sweeter.  The leaf is a bit larger too.  And of course, there is always basil to use with your fresh tomatoes and a little fresh mozzarella. Yum!


7 responses to “Beautiful and tastes good too!

  1. Gail, I am impressed with this – the photos and the content. You are so talented!!

    • Why thank you! If you enjoy it, please pass it on! Especially to new home owners, cause I have made enough mistakes that they surely could save money just by noting all of mine! LOL! As I say in my blog….we are in the 15th year of our 5 year remodel plan…Just like a couple of birdies. LOL!
      Say….perhaps we could trade advertisement. I can’t plug anyone for a couple of months, but then I will!

  2. Carol Collins

    Enjoyed your article. Did Neff Farms have the chervil.

    • Yes!!! But I just got it yesterday. I put a link to their website on my blog. Such cool stuff! At your suggestion, I bought climbing spinach for myself. It’s cool.

  3. shelly Rogers

    I was told you could eat the flower heads of the chive plants. I put some in my salad , they looked beautiful and actually tasted pretty good too.

  4. Nice article Gail:) Tarah and I want to try an herb garden, might be too late in the year though?

    • You’d have to move quickly and hope we don’t get horrible heat really soon. But it is never too late for planting herbs in containers! If it gets hot, just give them more shade! Lots of herbs do better in pots anyway. Basil, tarragon, thyme, all do well in pots. If you find any tarragon, let me know, okay. Just couldn’t find it this year anyplace. One last hint, KAW Valley has everything on 50% off. And Neff Farms is always at Bradley Fairs Kansas Home Grown outdoor market on Tuesdays from 4 to 7. She has great herbs, including chocolate mint!!!

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