Cool Decopauge idea on cabinet at Hotel Monaco


Great decopauge idea of repeated portrait prints!

I love it when you go on vacation, and you get an unexpected visual gift. That was the case when we entered the lobby of the Hotel Monaco in Portland Oregon. 

I brought back this great idea that we saw there.  It was a cabinet they had decopauged and laquered with a repetitive series of portraits.
You could do this easily, and by using a copier, make the pictures the exact size and color that you want them to be. Black prints on white paint would be really inexpensive to do and would be a great color choice.
I actually loved this entire hotel. The decor was so different, and so gorgeous.It was done by designer Cheryl Rowley, in the Anglo Chinois style. (I’ve never heard of that style before!)  Of course, MY photo’s don’t do it justice,  but here is a shot of the headboard in our room over our bed. The colors are purple, orange, and gold in a small check. It was so well done!  
Such an adventuresome color choice that most would be afraid of, but pulled off gloriously! To quote from their website, ” With a soft persimmon and periwinkle glow, deep chocolate furnishings and luscious flowers, our Portland, Oregon hotel promises a dramatic setting for your arrival.” That pretty much says it all! . Luscious indeed!   

Headboard in purple, gold and orange check print.

   For really good photos of this award winning hotel, and really amazing color choices, go to Mine just don’t do it justice. I hope you enjoy this amazing color offering as much as I did.


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