Just getting back from Oregon….Wow! Now THAT’s where you could plant a garden!

Portland Oregon from the Washington Park Test Rose Gardens

Just got back from Portland Oregon and the Oregon Coast so I haven’t had time to post. But I will by the end of the weekend. I will put my photo’s up too from my trip! Incredible country. If you can’t grow stuff in Oregon, you really should give up gardening….. I have got to get back there when the roses are in bloom. They are only a little behind us, maybe a week, on the spring growing season, but it doesn’t get very cold unless you get into the mountains.

It’s a really busy time of year here now that we are back in Kansas! So much to do, so little time!!! YIKES!!! I’m not the only one feeling the pressure. But at least we got a little bit of rain….1/3 of an inch on the east side of Wichita. Of course, they got more out west. Almost 2/3 of an inch is what I have heard. And the wind is howling of course. At least it’s nice on the temperature. Only mid 70’s.

I have great photos of an idea I implemented from an old tent Mary gave us. It is great in the garden! I will take pics and post. I’m kinda proud of it. 🙂


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