Need Room Color Inspiration?

I was looking for just the right color of tan/taupe/gray paint for Reid’s office.  (Yes, this remodel just goes on and on and on.) It’s HIS office, and HIS choice of color – frightening to this decorating control freak, but I just have to remind myself he DID have the good taste to marry ME.  We had spent several hours looking at pictures of rooms in all kinds of magazines, but I could not figure out what he wanted for wall color. I was completely baffled.  Fortunately, we went to my niece Lex’s for Easter (that’s another amazing decorator in my family) and she has a nice neutral, but interesting color palate, so I had Reid take a look at the paint colors in her recently remodeled home.  He came upon two he actually liked, which sent me to the Valspar Paint dealer in town to get paint chips.  

I was delighted because I LOVE Valspar paint. I used their metallic copper in my family room on my doors and on my cabinetry. It is gorgeous with the deep purple/mauve walls.  Anyway…while looking for this color chip, Coastal Village, a sophisticated mid tone gray, I saw what I thought was one of the best tools ever to bring out your inspiration genius! There, by their paint chips were almost 30 brochures, by color tint, with pictures of rooms painted all different colors.  Each brochure has at least 3 pictures of rooms with different colored walls. These are great tools if you are trying to determine what color to paint a room. I love them. Wish I would have seen them earlier in this decorating project. It probably would have saved me lots of anguish because I couldn’t read my husband’s mind.  Check them out! I’m keeping my very own set on hand from now on.  


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