Crazy Crow Lady


I have a confession to make.  I am known as the Crazy Crow Lady in my neighborhood.

This is probably because I have been known to stand out in the middle of my front yard and yell and clap at the crows that find their way into town from out in the countryside. I mean, I yell at the top of my lungs and clap and WHOOOTT WHOOTT at them until the crows find me obnoxious enough that they finally leave.  Oh and then, the other thing I do is if the crows are roosting anywhere within three or four blocks of my house, when I ‘m in my car.  I go real slow and honk my horn at them until they fly away.  The neighbors do tend to come to their windows when I do that……

Why do I do these rather odd things? Well,  I am taking a page from my Mama’s playbook on this one. It reads “Everything is trainable!” I think that crows are very smart, as are most birds.  I think they all get together in the afternoon and decide which block they are going to terrorize.  When the subject of McEwen Estates comes up, and the creek that runs along Kevin Street, They probably discuss how nice it is by the creek, and how that little lake has all kinds of possibilities for crow activities. And those trees, especially that big cottonwood, is so tall, why you can see for miles if you are roosting up there on the top of that tree! But then they remember that crazy little white woman that makes all that noise and makes those terrible noises that sound like shotguns, and all that noise that black car makes at them, and they decide to go terrorize some other neighborhood.  They go over a few blocks to the south, or to another part of town, where they can poop a haze of white over everything they see, and hover with their friends in tree limbs until they break.  But not by the Crafish Ranch. No siree.  I’ve got my crows trained.


2 responses to “Crazy Crow Lady

  1. Michelle Green

    Great work Gail. Really enjoyed all your stories. Thanks for the nice compliments! Look forward to reading more of life at the Crafish Ranch.

  2. Marcia Witbart

    My husband uses Firecrackers, they do get trained!!

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