Frames and Shelves For a Great Wall Decoration

Michelle's great frames with shelve wall idea

It’s only right that I should steal, (with permission, of course ) one of my favorite ideas for a first real post. And from one of my most talented friends!! My YaYa Michelle Green recently redid her basement, and when giving “the tour” showed us this little spectacular design idea shehad. It’s always a challenge to figure out what to put over the bed in a guest bedroom, but not for Michelle. Here is a great decorating idea of hers that doesn’t require highly specialized materials. Just run down to your local hobby store, and you’re in business.   

Here is what she did. Michelle took a frame, rectangular in shape, and placed it on the wall. She then set a shelf on the top part of the bottom of the frame.  She then placed an object d’art on the shelf, in this case these great looking contemporary vases. Repeat the steps above and place the same configuration side by side.  Three is a nice number, sitting them all on a row, or you could also place them in several different postions. The trick is to have the items match either in the color or the shape that works best for your own little project. Another little tip from Michelle, use velcro on the walls and the frames to keep them even. (Don’t want the OCD to kick in….LOL!)  My suggestion is to use a level to avoid the frustration of thinking you have them all even, only to find out that they aren’t after you’ve spent an hour putting them on your walls. Voile’! You quickly have a seriously classy treatment for a guest bedroom. 

Michelle had so many people bugging her all of the time to help them decorate that the YaYa’s decided she had to start charging for her time. ‘Cept for us, of course!!!

This great idea used in a guest bedroom


One response to “Frames and Shelves For a Great Wall Decoration

  1. This is great Gail!! You’re very articulate and fun in the process!!

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